Helipad Lighting

Lights for Safe Landing

Significance of Lighting Systems for Helipads and Helidecks

In aviation, the margin between safety and risk often depends on visibility and clear communication. For helipads and helidecks, this principle is encapsulated in their lighting systems. Helipad lights not only guide pilots during the critical phases of landing and takeoff but also provide essential cues about deck conditions and potential hazards. Proper lighting ensures operations can continue during low-visibility conditions, such as nighttime or adverse weather, and plays an indispensable role in maintaining the safety standards of aerial platforms. For top quality, high performing helipad lights, Helidex can meet all of your needs.

helipad lighting

TDPM (Circle and H)

The Touchdown and Positioning Marking (TDPM) system provides a visual layout of the landing area. The Circle and H lights act as clear markers for pilots, pinpointing the optimal landing spot and ensuring precision during descent.

TDPM light
perimeter light for helipad

Perimeter Lights

Defining the boundaries of the helideck or helipad, perimeter lights offer a clear demarcation of the landing area. They aid pilots in gauging the size and orientation of the deck, especially crucial during nighttime or foggy conditions.


These powerful lights illuminate the entire deck area, ensuring that any potential obstructions or personnel are clearly visible. Floodlights enhance safety by providing a well-lit environment for both landings and takeoffs.

floodlight for helipad
repeater light for helipad

Status Lights

Communicating the operational status of the helipad, status lights give pilots real-time updates. Whether the deck is occupied, unavailable, or ready for landing, these lights convey critical information from a distance.

Repeater Lights

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repeater light for helipad
windcone for helipad


An illuminated windcone provides pilots with visual information about wind direction and strength. This is vital for adjusting approach and ensuring a safe landing, especially in challenging weather conditions.

Control Panel

The control panel helps operate all of the lights on the helipad or helideck. It is necessary for the proper function and operation of all helicopter landing related matters.

control panel for helipad

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