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Elevate Your Operations with a Premier Helicopter Refueling System

In the high-stakes world of aviation, efficiency is paramount and safety, non-negotiable. Introducing the state-of-the-art Helicopter Refueling System – precision, reliability, and safety tailored for helipads, helidecks, and heliports globally.

Refueling System Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Whether you operate on a bustling heliport, an offshore helideck, or a remote helipad, our refueling system integrates seamlessly into your environment, ensuring a streamlined refueling process every time.

  • Unwavering Safety Commitment:
    Safety is not an option; it’s a promise. Featuring multiple safety interlocks, automatic shutoffs, and advanced fire suppression capabilities, we prioritize the wellbeing of both equipment and personnel.

  • Rapid Refueling Capabilities: Time is of the essence in aviation. Our system boasts rapid refueling rates, minimizing ground time and maximizing your operational efficiency.

  • Environmentally Considerate: With spill containment features and eco-friendly components, we ensure that refueling operations have a minimal environmental footprint, aligning with today’s sustainability standards.

  • User-Centric Design:
    Navigate effortlessly with our intuitive control panel, designed to reduce training times and enhance user experience.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Keep an eye on every drop. With real-time monitoring capabilities, track fuel consumption, monitor flow rates, and receive instant alerts on potential issues, ensuring top-notch operations day in and day out.

Advanced Features:

  • Built to Last:
    Engineered to a high standard with a 30-year design life.

  • Compliance & Standards:
    Constructed to meet international offshore refueling standards, such as HSAC, CAP 437, NOG, etc.

  • Automated Self-Sampling System:
    Revolutionize quality assurance with our retrofit self-sampling system that automates fuel sampling, requiring minimal onsite training and offering seamless data reporting options.

  • ROI Focused:
    With significant operational and waste fuel savings, your capital expenditure will be recouped in 1-2 years.

Fueling the Future of Aviation

Join the league of forward-thinking facilities that trust in Helidex and our reputable suppliers for their refueling needs. Dive into a world where technology, efficiency, and safety converge, ensuring that your helicopter operations remain a step ahead. With this Helicopter Refueling System, every refuel is a promise of excellence delivered.

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