Helideck Monitoring System

Introducing the Ultimate Guardian for Marine Helidecks

Our Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)

Navigating the complexities of marine aviation requires more than expertise; it demands state-of-the-art technology that’s in tune with the unpredictable rhythm of the seas. At Helidex, we’re proud to unveil our latest innovation tailored for helidecks aboard marine vessels: the Helideck Monitoring System (HMS).

Why Choose Our HMS?

  • Precision in Real-Time: Sail with confidence knowing our HMS continuously captures vital data like heave, roll, and pitch movements. With accurate insights into the current helideck conditions, pilots can execute safer landings and takeoffs, even under challenging weather scenarios.
  • Empowered Decision Making: Our system isn’t just about data; it’s about clarity. By evaluating wind speed, direction, temperature, and barometric pressure, we offer a clear picture of the present and what’s on the horizon. Make informed decisions, whether it’s a go/no-go for flight or optimizing approach trajectories.
  • Stay Ahead of the Game: In the vast marine landscape, preparedness is paramount. With our HMS’s predictive capabilities, get alerted on impending shifts in conditions. Preemptive action is now at your fingertips, be it rerouting, delaying, or optimizing operations.
  • Reliable Records for Tomorrow: Beyond immediate operations, our HMS diligently logs all crucial data. Perfect for reviews, audits, or training sessions, you’ll have a treasure trove of insights to elevate safety protocols and enhance efficiency.
  • Elegant Integration: Seamlessly integrating with your vessel’s existing systems, our HMS becomes a natural extension of your shipboard operations, ensuring consistency, reliability, and simplicity in every interaction.

Experience the Helidex Advantage

Safety is more than a commitment; it’s a promise we deliver on every day. Dive into a world where technology meets intuition, and where every helicopter operation is backed by the unparalleled precision of our Helideck Monitoring System (HMS). Choose safety. Choose efficiency. Choose Helidex.

helideck monitoring system

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