Our helidecks are now USCG approved . . . We have supplied over ten USCG helidecks to clients operating in the Gulf of Mexico such as SHELL Oil , Harvey Gulf, Hornbeck Offshore and Bordelon Marine, In addition to being approved by all major classification societies, the USCG approval is a major and important milestone for Helidex. We can now serve the many owners, operators and vessel owners in the Gulf of Mexico and  allow them the choice of aluminum helidecks and their advantages compared to the limited choice of using steel helidecks..
Approved by HCA Our    Helidecks    are    also    inspected and    approved    by    HCA    (Helideck Certifying    Agency).    Our        designs and     completed     installations     are checked   and   approved   by   HCA   for compliance     with     CAA     CAP     437 requirements .
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Class & CAP 437 Tested - Class & CAP 437 Approved

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CAP 437 and Class Approved Aluminum


Our   helidecks   are   designed   and   fabricated   to   meet   the following codes and regulations: API recommended practice 2L.  ABS - American Bureau of Shipping  Brazilian Norman, Annex 6 and Brazilian Navy Specifications  International civil aviation organization (ICAO) - Heliport design.  International maritime organization, IMO.  LR - Lloyds Register.  UK CCA, CAP 437  DNV - Det Norske Veritas.  FAA Heliport Design Manual  BV - Bureau Veritas.  • Rina USCG

  Class Tested…

Tests    to    confirm    compliance    with    CAP    437 requirements   for   the   deck   capacity,   safety   net drop   test   and   tie-downs   pull   test   are   performed for    each    helideck    we    manufactured    and    are performed    at    our    facilities    in    South    Carolina      and   are   witnessed   and   certified   by   third   party inspectors, ABS and DNV.   Friction     Coefficient:     The     test     revealed     a coefficient    of    friction    close    to    1.0    in    both directions of  the deck top surface.  Our   Safety   Net   Test   Panels   are      tested   as   per CAP   437   test   dropping   a   weight   of   125kg   from a   distance   of   one   meter   above   the   net.   Our safety   net   panels   have   been   tested   for   up   to 300   kg   (well   above   test   loads)   and   the   mesh, frames   or   outriggers   did   not   show   any   signs   of damage or failure. Tie-downs    Pull    Test:    Our    standard    D-ring    tie downs   are   also   tested   for   each   deck   we   supply under   their   presence   of   a   class   surveyor.   Our tie-downs   meet   the   stringent   requirements   of Normam 27 and are rated for about 8t each.  
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