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Helflex 6000 Decking Planks…

Helidex decks feature the proprietary pre-engineered/ Patented Heliflex 6000

aluminum decking planks. The Heliflex planks have been in use throughout the

world for over 15 years and have a solid track record. The tongue and groove

planks are the lightest and strongest planks in the industry and offer the following


Marine-grade aluminum alloy construction 

Lightweight: weight savings of up to 60% over steel 

Lightweight - 8.3 pounds per square foot (9.1 psf for the 12” Helifex 6000DL)

The lightest in the industry. 

Easy installation.

Home of the Original “V” Shaped Helideck Decking

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Advantages …

Provided in standard 6005-T5 aluminum or other grades

as selected by clients.

Watertight assembly ◦ Certified friction Coefficient over

1.0 (certified by DNV) well in excess of the .68 required

CAP  437 coefficient of friction. Coefficient of friction

also checked and verified by Shell Oil,

In addition to ridges, cross knurling of the surface is

applied during the extrusion process

Decking planks are procured from reputable aluminum

mills in the US. Our mill suppliers are certified by DNV

and ABS. 

Decking planks have been fire tested and certified by

DNV. The Heliflex 6000 CL planks have been tested for

a 10 minute burn test under a specified loading

condition by DNV.


Features …

The V shale decking is the most popular decking shape

used in the industry and is used by virtually all current

helideck suppliers. Heliflex 6000 planks are the original

"V" shaped planks and the only patented shape in the


Heliflex planks can be attached to any type of support

framing with our patented Heligrip clamping system.

The Heligrip system consisting of clamps, and carriage

bolts attached the decking planks to our Patented

Heliflex I14 and I18 aluminum beams through slots

built-in the I beam top  flange. Holes are not required

for this system. Planks can also be clamped to existing

or new steel framing. 

Paint marking is usually achieved by using a wash

primer and polyurethane top coat. No special surface

preparation is required.

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Heliflex 6000


The Original “V” Shaped Decking Planks …
Heliflex 6000 Decking Planks Helidex developed the original “V” shape aluminum planks and the shape has been in use since 1998. We offer the 10” wide Heliflex 6000 CL for our standard pancakes and the Helifelx 6000 DL For our SED (Safe Deck) pancakes  
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US Made Helidecks. We procure our decking based on our design from reputable mills in the US. Our decking material is backed by Mill Certs and ABS certs. All certs are checked thoroughly to ensure compliance with project specifications. Only marine grade alloys are in our helidecks.
Load Tested… Our decking is load tested at our manufacturing facility for the required design loads to meet the project specifications. Test are witnessed by Class surveyor and FAT certificate is issued by Class for every single helideck we supply. Clients should request load testing for all helidecks they’re procuring from Helideck suppliers to ensure the adequacy of material they’re procuring. FAT results should be requested from Class.
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Decking tested for Friction… The Heliflex 6000 decking include a built-in slip resistance surface not requiring a special anti-slip coating….