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CAP 437 and Class Approved Aluminum Helidecks

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Helidex   is   a   leading   manufacturer   of   aluminum   helidecks   for   the   offshore   oil   industry   in   the   world.   Our   products   are   known   the world over and we work with major oil companies, ship owners and shipyards throughout the world. We   supply   aluminum   pancakes,   support   structures   and   related   equipment,   such   as   lighting   and   fire   suppression   systems   for offshore   platforms   and   marine   vessels   for   the   oil   industry.   We   also   supply   rooftop   helipads   for   hospitals,   office   building   and government   building.   We   have   supplied   decks   in   the   US,   Canada,   Mexico,   Brazil,   Singapore,   Saudi   Arabia,   China   and   the UAE   to   name   a   few   countries.   We   basically   cover   North   America,   Central/South   America,   Europe   /   Mediterranean,   Africa, Middle East, and Asia.   Our   packages   are   delivered   to   our   clients   on   flatbed   trucks,   open   top   containers   or   by   air. A   typical   helideck   package   requires four   trucks   or   four   open   tops.   We   can   ship   a   pancake   structure   anywhere   in   the   world   where   allowed   by   US   laws.   We   can also   provide   a   turnkey   package   including   support   framing   and   installation   in   the   US   and   Mexico   through   our   partnership   with reputable shipyards in Texas and Tampico.

About us ...

Engineering  In-house engineering by licensed professional engineers and skilled designers.  Manufacturing In-house manufacturing at our plant in South Carolina Construction We provide installation services using our skilled installers, fitters and supervisors


Our helidecks are designed by Helidex own Engineers and Designers at our main office in East Rutherford. Shop drawings are generated for fabrication at our plant in Spartanburg. We design our helidecks to any Codes and Standards such as those of DNV, ABS and BV. We also design then to company specific requirements such as  Shell helideck standards. Our engineering services includes the following: Site selection or siting study for locating the deck within a vessel or rig structure to meet the application limitations and obstructions. Determine required helideck size based on applicable helicopter. Design pancake framing Design main support truss framing Design electrical/lighting system Design AFFF fire suppression system Produce design documents for  client’s/class review and approval


Shop drawings are generated for the  proposed helideck at our plant in  Spartanburg. Fabrication is carried out at our plants in South Carolina based on fabrication  documents and our fabrication Standards  and Rules.  Trial fitting of the framing is conducted prior to testing to ensure fitting and compliance  with the design drawings. NDT and FAT testings are then conducted as per project specs and standard industry  practices and in the presence of Class  surveyors.  The helideck is then prepared for shipping either in containers or flatbed trucks.   Erection drawings are prepared for the  assembly and installation of the helideck.


We provide construction/installation services for the helidecks we manufacture. Typically we provide a qualified and trained  installation supervisor to assist the  installation crew, supplied by the client, with  the field assembly of the helideck and to  ensure compliance with our design.  We also supply a complete Helidex  installation crew consisting of a supervisor  and qualified and trained fitters.   Typically, the helideck structure and  equipment are assembled on the ground  and then lifted into place by crane. Helidex provides the complete lifting analysis and rigging specifications. Rigging hardware is  usually supplied by the client or yard